For Great Justice! ... a Death Note RPG

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for great justice!
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For great justice! ... a Death Note RPG

Oh holy hell, a Death Note RPG...?
Let's be quite frank: Death Note is a series that just doesn't work in terms of typical RPGs. There are a grand total of five, maybe six characters in the first run of 59 chapters that are actually enticing (read: you would actually search sites such as 4chan for lovely art of said characters fornicating).

In other words, who the hell wants to play?

...what. Why?
For great justice! is a livejournal based game similar to OMG Naruto RP was in its days of glory. There is no logging involved -- everything in the game will be done through the community.

The setting is almost immediately after chapter 1 of the manga. No one major has died yet, so yes, you could even play Raye Penber if you wanted to I'd hit that. What happens next is anyone's guess, but let's be honest! This game's main focus is to play for shits and giggles. After all, we all love poking fun at something we enjoy.

Despite the setting and god knows what direction this game will go in, there is a possibility that you will be spoiled if you haven't read through chapter 59 of Death Note. This has been your fair warning.

How's it gonna work?
All gameplay will take place on the community. Character journals will be created, but no one actually has to post in them. It's easier to view everything that way, and it's because I said so.

To get an idea, take a look at the community! Yes, this is how we'll be playing. We're not out to make fine literature, we're out to have a good time. Unf.

I want in!
Whoa, hang on, there. You have to apply and be accepted by the group first. Please see the application post for more details. The community members will then vote on whether to accept or reject your application, and you will receive a response as soon as we've received a majority. In other words, you're being picked by the group as a whole, not just one person.

Ground Rules
1) Be active. Be prepared to post/comment at least once a week, although more activity is highly encouraged. Inactive players will be warned twice before their character is removed and put up for reapplication.
2) Spell check is your friend.
3) Although this is a humor-based game and no one should be taking themselves too seriously, please remain in character. L weeping like a manchild does not compute.
4) Do not use fanart in your icons unless you have permission from the artist or drew it yourself.
5) There will probably be more later. Maybe. Possibly.

Available Characters (as of 5/7)
Yagami Sachiko
Yagami Sayu
Raye Penber
Misora Naomi
Weddy what I can spell
...and anyone else that was forgotten, like the Yotsuba guys

Taken Characters
Yagami Raito (yagamiraito)
L (extrasugarplz)
Amane Misa (misa_misa)
Ryuuku (pleasedonotfeed)
Matsuda (matsudork)
Yagami Souichirou (papa_yagami)
Midou (Yotsuba) (yotsubanojutsu)

Mello (mero_yero)
Near (n34r)