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FOR GREAT JUSTICE APPLICATIONS - For Great Justice! ... a Death Note RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FOR GREAT JUSTICE APPLICATIONS [May. 7th, 2005|06:59 am]
for great justice!
The new, improved application process! Each of us has gone through and written an entry or two for the remaining open characters. If you're interested in applying for for_justice, please click on the cut with the character you wish to apply for, read the test entry, and apply by responding to the entry. Put the character you're applying for in the subject box and your entry in the comment box. Your comment will be automatically screened and your test will be put up to vote. Make it memorable.

If the character you're applying for has multiple test entries, please respond to one of them and indicate which entry you're responding to. We like making things difficult.

Rem - an entry from misa_misa
Misa found Kira! This is so exciting! And Raito is HOT, wow. Misa was expecting some creepy-looking mastermind-type guy. So~ glad he's not. Misa thinks that now she shall go to Kira-san's house and throw myself at him. But I've got to make him trust me. How...? Oh, I know! Misa will tell him her real name (since he doesn't seem to have the eyes), and why I wanted to meet him, and my favorite band, and my bra size, and the color of my panties (he'll know Misa is no liar then!), and then Misa will give him her Death Note! Re~m!! Doesn't this sound like a good plan? Help Misa refine it! How will you help Misa get Kira to trust her?

Rem - an entry from pleasedonotfeed
Raito and Misa sure make an interesting pair. Hur hur. D'you think their outfits are the same color on purpose? I like Misa, and she gives me apples whenever she visits. No Raito, I don't take bribes.

But is she always so....excited about everything? Doesn't she ever get tired? Oi, I would if I...bounced all over the place...all the time. Oi.

Yagami Sachiko & Yagami Sayu - an entry by papa_yagami
I think we're in need of a family pow-wow.

Now now, I know. As the patriarch of the family, this should have been addressed much sooner. A deranged maniac bent on killing people with his mind powers is no excuse for an upstanding man such as myself to let this go on for so long.

Sayu, honey. Your mother and I would really like to know what that is. You know, the... ahh... the thing we uncovered in your room.

What in the Where did you Kojak never had to deal with tha I. I uhm. I'll let your mother handle this.

Yagami Sayu - an entry by yagamiraito
Sayu has gotten into the habit recently of teasing me because I don't have a computer. Personally, if I spent half my free time playing Rise of Nations, I wouldn't feel in any position to tease my hard-working older brother. Little does she know that my own game is much more realistic, more interactive, and doesn't require a computer. Besides, after spending all her money on that computer, she doesn't have any left for anything else.

Yagami Sachiko - an entry by yagamiraito
Mom must be put off that dad and I aren't home so often anymore. She put extra peppers in dad's portion of dinner last night. After one bite, his face went red and he asked for more water. Mom asked him if everything was alright with the food, and when he said yes (he knows better than to imply that something's wrong with her cooking), she smiled and poured him more water. Dad managed to eat the whole thing even though he was pouring sweat, and mom kept a straight face the whole time. It's obvious he's still not sure if she did it purposely or not. I've decided I get my acting skills from my mother.

Raye Penber & Misora Naomi
If you are interested in applying for Penber and Misora, they are our only exceptions due to their lack of interaction with anyone else. You may write a test entry for one of them and post it in the comments with whoever you're applying for in the subject.

Aizawa, Ukita, Mogi - an entry by papa_yagami
I've come to a conclusion.

No, no, I really have. I was contemplating it the other night while out with my good friend Jack Daniels, and I've realized that people are dropping like flies from our investigation. And it's not because this Kira is a crazed mass murderer with the ability to brainmash you with his voodoo powers. It's because we just don't have enough heart.

Therefore, I propose the formation of the Kira Rangers. What do you say, guys? Matsuda can be Pink, I'll be Red, and everyone else can get their own colors and flashy guns.

Aber & Weddy - a test entry by extrasugarpls
While I think it is absolutely brilliant tacky--but brilliant to have such unsubtle features and tactics as acronyms, I think we could do much better with the names.

Tie--ah...Aber, while I understand that your name is rather questionable to begin with (you are Italian? Since when were you Italian? My background check information Watari tells me you are French), Aber is not exactly what we consider to be professional-sounding.

And Mary, I do understand that you regret ever leaving me, but your attempt at subliminal messaging with this "Weddy" business does not faze me. After all, I could never betray my true love, the strawberry cake.

This is not simple a matter of life and death. It is a matter of life and death. There is a madman with powers that rival those of the Power Rangers and the Sailor Senshi combined. While this may be enough to have you quivering in your sad Italian leather shoes (if you really are Italian, Aber), we cannot try to put on so childish a façade as "By your powers combined, I am LAW!" It is simply inconceivable. One hundred percent inconceivable. We can do much better.

I was thinking Arkansas and Wisconsin (Arky and Wisky for short, perhaps).

Watari (Quillsh Wammy) - an entry by extrasugarpls
It is time once again to don the ever awesome disguise that we often are obligated to don! In order to fulfill my delusions of grandeur do the work of justice, we must once more step in where many mere mortal men have cowered. Oh, the alliteration.

In order to quell the fear in the hearts of men and strike down that evil that is this Kira, you and I must move swiftly and most heartily, without a doubt or qualm in mind, save the world. There is a 100% chance that we will succeed! 78.5%, but it's close enough. So great a chance that next case, we should invest in a L-Mobile. Yes, it is that great a chance. How does a cherry red sports car sound?

I look forward to our greatest adventure yet. Now, quick, get to the dry cleaners with that trench coat, or you won't have a disguise for the ICPO meeting.

Yotsuba members - an entry from yotsubanojutsu
Back when this was first on TV...I always pictured Kira as being tall, blonde, imposing...one of those guy's who's just naturally in control and persuasive. I had an uncle who was like that, I think my parents and aunt legally removed him from the family and inheritance 5 years ago.

Did you even see the socks Higuchi was wearing last weel? Navy blue with gold diamonds? D'ya think the Kira would be caught dead wearing something like that?

Hello, and someone should tell him that haircut is so 1990s.